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St George’s dates back to the late 1700’s and one of the first churches built in Kingston, Ontario at the confluence of the St Lawrence River, The Cataraqui and Rideau Rivers and Lake Ontario.

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Here is the annual review of the Churches we have visited and reported on for you since March 2014…we hope you will enjoy it.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThat’s right! We have now completed the Ilonggo/ Hiligaynon & Pilipino/Tagalog versions for the Easter Devotions. We really hope you will enjoy them.

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Bamboo OrganWe are pleased to advise you that the 2015 English language edition of the HP’s Visita Iglesia is now available on the main website as well as on slideshare. This year we accompany the all 3 editions with music from Armando -V. Salarza playing the Bamboo Organ at the San José Church in Las Piñas, Manila.

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8004 Orthodox Church in Attu

8007 The Port of Unalaska as seen by Louis Choris in late summer 1816.

The first Orthodox Chapel to be built was built by group of fisheries workers who had settled in Umnak on what is now Unalaska Island in the late 1760’s. The original church is shown in the Alaska State Library’s Heritage Collection photo above and the settlement is shown in the painting by Louis Choris in 1816. The territory was claimed by the Russians after its discovery and exploration by Vitus Behring in the 1740s. Continue Reading

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HP Heritage Ratings Explained 10.2014

Juneau Alaska, was to be one of our first stops out of Vancouver with visits to Tracy Arm Fjord and the Sawyer Glacier “on the road” to Juneau.

The Sawyer Glacier in Tracy Arm  Fjord

The Sawyer Glacier in Tracy Arm Fjord


Juneau, Alaska’s State Capital.

Juneau is the State Capital of Alaska. It has been the capital of Alaska since 1906, when the government of the then – District of Alaska was moved from Sitka as dictated by the U.S. Congress in 1900.

After docking, SWMbO and I set out to explore the town. One of the most important things we’re looking for is the ‘churches’ and we found one of the most important. In addition, one of the first things that we notice as we walk up Franklin Street is the Red Dog Saloon which basically dominates the main intersection in downtown Juneau.

The Red Dog Saloon is the most famous of the colourful drinking establishments in Juneau. It’s only been in its current highly visible location since 1988 when it was moved intact from a couple of blocks up Franklin Street. The church follows soon thereafter and a surprise it will be…

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4 Star

HP Heritage Ratings Explained 10.2014

arriving in Juneau, Alaska

arriving in Juneau, Alaska

Alaska, that’s right! We’re on the Road Again this time we’re headed ‘North to Alaska’. We recently had the opportunity to go to Alaska on a seven day cruise from Vancouver, BC with the Holland America Line.

If you were to ask me well, why on earth would you go there. I would have had difficulty answering you before we went, other than giving you the same platitudes you could expect, the scenery, the wilderness and that kind of thing. But, as a result of having been there and experienced it personally I will now answer you this way: Continue Reading