Old, Historic Churches of Panay

Absolutely correct! There’s a disobedient and defiant priest in Capiz Province, a Monseigneur, no less, who openly and shamefully defies instructions given him by  his Archbishop.

It all has to do with a the construction of a new Chapel on the actual site of the ancient ruins of the Old Augustinian Town of Aranguel which dates to the early 1700s.


The main problems are that Human Remains and other archaeologically significant materials were unearthed during the excavations for the foundations of the new Chapel in 2014.

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Here is Part 3 of our series of 8 Episodes, reviewing the churches we have visited in the past. We hope you will enjoy it.

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Smallest-Fergus.jpgWe’ve prepared a list of all the churches we have visited since the beginning. We plan on re-visiting several to bring us all up to date on the restoration and repair works that have been carried out in many since our first visit. If there is one church in particular that you would want us to re-visit just send us a message and we’ll add it to the list…

To view Part 1 of the series, please click on the link below. We hope you will enjoy this series of presentations.

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