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4 stars 2015

St George’s dates back to the late 1700’s and one of the first churches built in Kingston, Ontario at the confluence of the St Lawrence River, The Cataraqui and Rideau Rivers and Lake Ontario.

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4 stars 2015

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What a beautiful and historic old town. When travelling in Eastern Ontario, the area between Kingston and Brockville and the fantastic places in between are well worth a 2 or 3 day stop-over.

To discover something of interest about Kingston:

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PV 07315 176Join us as we get On the Road Again to discover Capiz Province, we have three or four churches that we’ll be visiting, and a whole lot of other interesting things. This will be a series of 5 Episodes and we hope you’ll enjoy them all.

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The Mansion in Oton


There’s a fascinating abandoned mansion to visit as you drive into Oton.

Come along with  us on an exploration and tour from Downtown Iloilo to Oton and back visiting a series of excellent places you should not miss when you come to our area.

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Bamboo OrganWe are pleased to advise you that the 2015 English language edition of the HP’s Visita Iglesia is now available on the main website as well as on slideshare. This year we accompany the all 3 editions with music from Armando -V. Salarza playing the Bamboo Organ at the San José Church in Las Piñas, Manila.

click the link to view and enjoy: the 2015 Visita Iglesia in English.

Villanueva Mansion



You’ve seen it. Probably driven by it a million times and never really took the time to take a close look. Well, here is your chance to take a closer look and to find out what the story behind the place is.

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