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PV 07315 245We  visit ‘distant relatives’ who established their business and homestead not far from Pontevedra in pastoral and idyllic surroundings. Join us on this brief visit, it’s really an amazing place.

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PV 07315 176Join us as we get On the Road Again to discover Capiz Province, we have three or four churches that we’ll be visiting, and a whole lot of other interesting things. This will be a series of 5 Episodes and we hope you’ll enjoy them all.

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The Mansion in Oton


There’s a fascinating abandoned mansion to visit as you drive into Oton.

Come along with  us on an exploration and tour from Downtown Iloilo to Oton and back visiting a series of excellent places you should not miss when you come to our area.

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Filipino Homes

The family is one of the many wealthy families that originate from Iloilo.This is perhaps one of the richest Ilonggo families, the sheer number of their mansions in the Ilo² region is a testament to that. This is the brief story of three or four of those fabulous homes but there are more and we will try to include them here in future reports. Enjoy!

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Sanson y Montinola

A treasure is how best to describe this historical home. When you approach this home down the narrow driveway, you are struck by the palette of warm, soft colours that have been used on the home. It is said that in the recent years, in order to keep with the home’s historical significance that Don Gregorio and his wife, Madame Tirol have in vested large amounts of time, effort and money having the paint and other materials used on the exterior analyzed to ensure a perfect match in both tint and coverage so as not to negatively affect the structure and its majestic appearance. That is total dedication to a historically important property.

The building is striking because of its extensive use of columns on both levels. I hesitate to say that it appears to be built in the neo-classical style(?) The ground floor is built with bricks while the upper floor is made of wood.

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The Ledesma Eagle Mansion

Built in 1928 by Don Celso Ledesma, a confirmed bachelor and haciedero, the home is truly remarkable in that it stands today as it did when it was in its glory days of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. It is said that Don ‘Zaffy’ Ledesma took such good care of the Mansion until he died in 2009 such that its contents were impeccably maintained and they were in pristine condition. Don Zaffy was the third generation to hold the family estates. Apparently, the Ledesmas were the true aristocrats of old Iloilo: refined, cultivated intellectuals and artists.

Don Zaffy was, we understand, the epitome of what a Ledesma family member would be.

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We’re looking for various sites in and around the Iloilo City area that we can explore and report on in the pages in the coming months. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please feel free to let us know…Thanks in advance for your suggestions and interest.