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St George’s dates back to the late 1700’s and one of the first churches built in Kingston, Ontario at the confluence of the St Lawrence River, The Cataraqui and Rideau Rivers and Lake Ontario.

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Here is the annual review of the Churches we have visited and reported on for you since March 2014…we hope you will enjoy it.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThat’s right! We have now completed the Ilonggo/ Hiligaynon & Pilipino/Tagalog versions for the Easter Devotions. We really hope you will enjoy them.

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Bamboo OrganWe are pleased to advise you that the 2015 English language edition of the HP’s Visita Iglesia is now available on the main website as well as on slideshare. This year we accompany the all 3 editions with music from Armando -V. Salarza playing the Bamboo Organ at the San José Church in Las Piñas, Manila.

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Filipino Homes

The family is one of the many wealthy families that originate from Iloilo.This is perhaps one of the richest Ilonggo families, the sheer number of their mansions in the Ilo² region is a testament to that. This is the brief story of three or four of those fabulous homes but there are more and we will try to include them here in future reports. Enjoy!

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Sanson y Montinola

A treasure is how best to describe this historical home. When you approach this home down the narrow driveway, you are struck by the palette of warm, soft colours that have been used on the home. It is said that in the recent years, in order to keep with the home’s historical significance that Don Gregorio and his wife, Madame Tirol have in vested large amounts of time, effort and money having the paint and other materials used on the exterior analyzed to ensure a perfect match in both tint and coverage so as not to negatively affect the structure and its majestic appearance. That is total dedication to a historically important property.

The building is striking because of its extensive use of columns on both levels. I hesitate to say that it appears to be built in the neo-classical style(?) The ground floor is built with bricks while the upper floor is made of wood.

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