Ilo² Provincial Jail.

“Go to Jail, Go directly to Jail, Do not pass Go, Do not collect $200…”

Iloilo Jail

Put yourself in the shoes of a newly arriving inmate in a place like this. Can you just imagine the feeling of complete and utter loss and devastation when you hear those gates clang shut behind you, knowing that you’re not getting out of Jail anytime soon?

That’s what a few people I know have said. They went in on business and they all unequivocally stated that they had this incredibly bad feeling of doom and gloom when they heard those gates clang shut behind them. And they were getting out in a matter of hours, once they finished their business.

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The Old and New Airports in Iloilo!

Finally we were able to visit the site of both the former airport which is now being developed into the New Downtown of Iloilo by Megaworld and the New Iloilo International Airport. You want nostalgia, here it is…

to visit the old airport click the old airport photo: Inaguration of PAL DC-3 plane on the Iloilo Airport  Iloilo Manila Route 1950

to visit the new airport click the new airport photo:

Iloilo Airport

The Heritage Yusay-Consing Mansion

Yusay-Consing Mansion

This Yusay Consing Mansion, is a building of huge heritage significance in the Molo District of Iloilo City. It had for years been seriously neglected and fell into serious disrepair so much so that the property, once one of the jewels of the region, effectively became a dumping ground. And in came riding to the rescue a white knight appeared to save the once magnificent property from the wreckers ball. SM Properties bought the property and committed themselves to saving it for subsequent generations while using the property surrounding the mansion for commercial purposes.

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The Orthodox Church in Alaska

8004 Orthodox Church in Attu

8007 The Port of Unalaska as seen by Louis Choris in late summer 1816.

The first Orthodox Chapel to be built was built by group of fisheries workers who had settled in Umnak on what is now Unalaska Island in the late 1760’s. The original church is shown in the Alaska State Library’s Heritage Collection photo above and the settlement is shown in the painting by Louis Choris in 1816. The territory was claimed by the Russians after its discovery and exploration by Vitus Behring in the 1740s. Continue reading

Janiuay’s Church of St Julian!

Something strange is going on at St Julian’s Church in Janiuay.

St Julian of Cuenca Church, Janiuay, Iloilo 1871 to 1942

St Julian of Cuenca Church and Convent, Janiuay, Iloilo 1871 to 1942. Original oil on brick painting by Ian Celebrar

We first visited, this church complex in Janiuay, it was a thrill at that time and our love affair with it continues. We remember that the Augustinians arrived in Janiuay as early as 1752 when they opened their first small Chapel. But it wasn’t until the mid 1800s, almost 100 years later, that the Augustinian Friar  Miquel Carod who was assigned as the Parish Priest between 1830 and 1871. Continue reading

The Inside Passage, Episode 12

Fergus & Roselyn

Fergus & Roselyn

Our magnificent Alaska Adventure of Discovery is, sadly, coming to a close.

As we leave Ketchikan on Sunday night, heading towards our cruise in the Inside Passage and ultimately to Vancouver and then home.

Our last days aboard Holland America’s Zaandam will be spent cruising the famed Inside Passage travelling towards Vancouver and ultimately home.  Unfortunately, all this luxury and beauty will be ending soon and we’ll be home sooner than you know. Continue reading

A Blessed Feast of Santo Nino to everyone!


POWERFUL PRAYER TO Senior Santo Niño de Cebú

O miraculous Santo Niño! I come before Your sacred Image, moved by love and hope and by hope, and I beseach You to look mercifully into my troubled heart, Let Your own tender Love,always inclined to compassion, mitigate my sufferings, Take from me, if it be You will, all unbearable
afflictions and let me never summer to despair. Grant me Senior Santo Niño the especial grace I ask from You today in all humility and with a loving trust, and for the sake of Your infancy, hear always my prayers, be generous with Your aid and consolation, that I may praise You, and the Father, and the Holy Spirit Amen

Julio R. Rosales, D.D.
Archbishop of Cebu
July 18,1964

Philippines Papal visit 2015 Live-Streaming

Historic Philippines for all that is Papal in the next few days.

photo by

photo by

There is no need to be going around searching the internet for information and reports on the Pope’s visit to the Philippines. Just bookmark us and make Historic Philippines your one stop shop for all that is Papal for the next few days.

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Pope Francis’ Excellent Philippines Adventure.

Pope Francis will be in the Philippines from January 15 to January 19, 2015, for a state and pastoral visit. View his complete itinerary by clicking on the ‘GO’ button below:

go butto n

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Ketchikan. The Adventure Continues. Episode 11

Ketchikan and area are situated in a “Temperate Rain Forest”, an interesting factoid, given that it is in Alaska. But don’t that fool you! We’ll talk about that a little later.

Ketchikan then named itself “Salmon Capital of the World”. Hmm!

Marc's Alaska 076

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