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A Magnificent Family Homestead at Pontevedra, Capiz

PV 07315 245We  visit ‘distant relatives’ who established their business and homestead not far from Pontevedra in pastoral and idyllic surroundings. Join us on this brief visit, it’s really an amazing place.

Click the link to view: ‘The Rest of the Story


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St Isidore the Farmer Church, Pontevedra, Capiz

PV 07315 322

This is the third episode of our Pontevedra, Capiz exploration. The Church of St Isidore the Farmer in Pontevedra town has quite an interesting story. It is well worth spending some time exploring it.

Click the link to view our short visit and to enjoy: “The Rest of the Story”.

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Church of St Lawrence the Martyr, Panitan, Capiz

This is a wonderful small town church which is named after a Martyr of the Church, St Lawrence. His story is truly impressive.
PV 07315 358
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Visita Iglesia 2015 in Pilipino, Ilonggo and English

That’s right we have three versions of the Holy Week Devotions ready for you…if you’re 1st Cathedral in the Americas 4 (R)overseas and away from home this week and want a small touch of home, then you should give one of these a serious look!

Visita Iglesia 2015 in English

Bisita Iglesia 2015 in Pilipino

Bisita Iglesia 2015 in Ilonggo

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Tito Fergus, is the Santo Niño Statue in Cebu the real one?

The Santo Nino with Candles

Now, there’s a great question posed by a young teenager. I would normally have shown him where to start looking for the answer to his own question. However, in this case I wanted to get an answer to it myself…so off I went to check things out…

click the link to see what I found and to read: “The Rest of the Story

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